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Spending Review – UK Grant Funding Landscape

How has the UK grant funding landscape, including Innovate UK, been affected by the Government Spending Review

19Dozen: An Origin Story

What’s in the name: 19Dozen? It’s not something that’s bandied around every day but “nineteen to the dozen” is typically used to refer to something moving, or happening, very quickly.

Eurostars – latest round opens

Eureka has announced that the latest round of its Eurostars competition is open for applications. It’s an attractive option for companies seeking EU funding particularly for those finding Horizon 2020’s SME Instrument tough to get their heads around.

TSB Agri-Food Supply Chain Funding Competition Opens

TSB has launched a new knowledge transfer partnership (KTP) competition to support the Agri-Food sector.

Funding Types Part 1: Government Grants for Industry

For most people, grants from Government will be the most familiar type of non-dilutive funding.

VentureFest Oxford 2014

19Dozen to attend VentureFest Oxford 2014 This year’s VentureFest is being held on the 8th July at the Said Business School, Oxford. It’s on our doorstep, which makes it handy but not the only reason to attend: the event brings together Oxford’s business networks and commercial businesses, providing a range of workshops, presentations and networking opps. It’s […]

Introduction to Non-Dilutive Funding

Non-Dilutive Funding isn’t just about grants (although the terms are often used inter-changeably).