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Non-Dilutive Funding

Accelerate new product development Offset R&D costs Access top class research Monetise non-core assets Drive commercialisation

Non-dilutive funding relates to any source of capital that doesn’t require the sale of company equity, avoiding loss of ownership/control and shareholder dilution. It includes revenues derived from collaborations and services in addition to grant funding.

Non-dilutive funding can be secured from many potential sources including Governmental agencies, such as Innovate UK and the EU Horizon 2020 scheme, and Private Foundations, such as the Wellcome Trust and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. A number of these funds can provide successful applicants with transformative multi-million funding.

These funding bodies, at local, national and international levels, are placing an increased emphasis on support for SMEs developing novel, high-risk technologies and products, particularly in sectors such as healthcare and ICT.

Successful recipients have often leveraged the funds received to mobilise and secure further private investment; non-dilutive funding awards are increasingly viewed as a key piece of external due diligence by prospective investors and can be actively marketed as validation of innovative technologies and products.